Police Officers Providing a Full Array of Armed Security Services

When you need an armed guard and only an off duty police officer will do, contact AmeriCop. We do all the work, from vetting to hiring to scheduling and payroll. Utilizing police officers, we match your assignment’s unique needs with the best qualified armed protection. Whether it is executive protection, event security or specialized physical security, our off duty police officers save you worry and get your job done right.

Above and Beyond Security Service

AmeriCop makes it easy for you to get off duty police protection when you want it and where you need it:

  • ONE call for police officers around the clock
  • ONE point of contact 24 hours/day
  • ONE invoice/month-not 100s of paychecks
  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability


We provide police officer services to our clients nationwide…long-term, short-term and emergency services.  It is all we do, and we do it well.

-Sherry Rowley
CEO of AmeriCop

Our active, certified skilled officers, have the power of arrest and serve in long term and temporary assignments in uniform or plainclothes.

Standing Post

For customers needing more than typical guard service, we provide armed, active-duty police officers. Our officers have powers of arrest, are in uniform or plainclothes, and serve in on-going or regularly recurring posts at the same location.

Emergency Services

During or after a disaster, when local police resources are strained, we provide armed, off duty law enforcement to customers for emergency service. With powers of arrest, our uniformed officers protect life and property during emergencies, such as hurricanes, civil unrest, flooding, fire, labor disruptions, or any other type of industrial emergency.

Executive/Corporate Event Security

We provide off duty police to customers needing armed protection for corporate events, functions and the personal safety of executives. Our officers have powers of arrest, are in uniform or plainclothes, and protect your executives and key personnel in transit or at event locations.

Workplace Security

Our off duty police officers can be deployed for a single employee termination, during labor unrest and work disruptions, or for group layoffs at multiple locations. AmeriCops’ law enforcement personnel are armed, have powers of arrest, and can be highly visible or stationed discreetly.

Traffic Control Services

We provide customers with off duty police to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic on public streets or private roads. Our law enforcement personnel are armed, active-duty police in uniform with powers of arrest.

Special Services

Off duty police officers can be used for any number of occasions and perform a number of services.  In our experience, off duty officers are a valued resource in many situations such as a foot patrol at a corporate picnic or providing exterior security in plainclothes at a private wedding or provide exterior security patrol for a shareholder meeting.