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Providing a safe and secure environment for students and faculty members can be a daunting task. In fact, many school districts have commissioned their own police force to ensure an adequate focus can be given throughout their district.

Managing a dedicated police force, however, is very demanding. Hiring specific resources, providing specialized training, unique equipment requirements, regulatory conformance, and insurance are areas that require constant focus from the administration. In addition, the cost of running a dedicated police force for a school district can be incredibly expensive.

AmeriCop is a nationwide provider of off duty police officers to the private sector. We offer a unique service that provides quality police officer selection, supervision and a single point of contact available 24 hours a day. In a school environment, AmeriCop is able to use a flex schedule with our officers throughout the calendar year thereby avoiding the fixed cost of carrying officers through the summer or other major breaks.

AmeriCop provides active off duty police officers with the temperament and experience to effectively work in your school facilities. We match an officer’s experience and their agency’s culture to the unique protection needs of the situation they will be placed in. This means our officers come from agencies requiring courtesy and respect while interacting with the public.

So, whether your ISD needs one officer for an occasional event or you are considering outsourcing your entire police force, AmeriCop can help.