We are AmeriCop

“As a former police officer who worked off duty for commercial customers and as a corporate security executive who managed a police officer program, I fully understand the keys to success as well as the pitfalls of off duty police work and employing active duty law enforcement officers.

It’s much more than hiring an off duty cop. It takes diligent vetting, scheduling, payroll, and the right insurance coverage. It takes a level of customer service that doesn’t exist with security guard companies who infrequently hire off duty police. It takes a company who specializes in law enforcement and understands the complexity of providing active duty police officers to customers.

AmeriCop, the evolution of Off Duty Services, was founded with customer service, prompt response and 24/7 accessibility as part of our core business. We serve that unique connection where law enforcement meets customer service.”

Brett Rowley, Vice President, AmeriCop.