Where Law Enforcement Meets Customer Service

Having provided police officer services to clients throughout the country for over a decade, we have become very adept at delivering high quality service while maintaining positive relationships between off duty police officers and our clients.

-Sherry Rowley CEO of AmeriCop

Law Enforcement Personnel Providing Armed Security

AmeriCop uses active duty police officers to provide armed security services. Our off duty law enforcement personnel are the highest level of private security available, far exceeding any security guard capabilities.

One call to AmeriCop provides immediate access to thousands of armed police officers across the United States. All our officers are skilled, certified and actively employed by local, county and state law enforcement agencies. They are fully vetted for:

  • Agency Tenure
  • Officer Training
  • Agency Specialization
  • Agency Recommendation
  • Previous Assignment(s) with AmeriCop

Off Duty Security Services – Police Protection for the Private Sector

Hiring off duty police, and managing this process, is harder than it looks. AmeriCop provides active off duty police officers with the temperament and experience to effectively work in your locations. We match an officer’s experience and their agency’s culture to the unique protection needs of the situation they will be placed in.

AmeriCop offers armed private security with the right law enforcement officers for your job. We make it easy by providing you:

  • Officers rapidly on-site anywhere in the U.S.
  • Only active, certified, skilled officers
  • One invoice/month-not 100s of paychecks
  • Outsourcing your insurance liability
  • One point of contact 24 hours/day
  • Our experience & expertise focused on service
Male Officer
Female Officer